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Smart 800 Services
Smart800 is not just a voice mail box with an 800 number attached.  But a service that was specifically designed for marketing your product or services intelligently, especially over the Internet and Printed Advertising.  Now you can boost sales while keeping your telephone expenses "in check".
Smart800 includes these important features:
  • 4 Message Bins to record messages, up to 180 seconds each.
  • ANI Capture. Instantly retrieve your the callers telephone numbers.
  • Cost reduction features. Callers Limits and Area Code Blocking.
  • Automatic ANI blocking of abusive callers (Black List).
  • Payphone Blocking.
  • Allow only ANI's (White List).
  • Optional "Messages Taking" service at no additional charge.
  • Leave private personal messages for a selected ANI.
  • "Flat rate" per minute - Six second incremental billing

How can Smart800 benefit you?

Telephone experts say an 800 number can TRIPLE advertising responses. Psychologist say some folks are persuaded by what they read and others by what they hear. Smart800 takes advantage of both these motivators to greatly magnify your advertising responses. And more inquiries means more sales! An 800 number can also build goodwill and caller confidence while projecting better company image.
Ask yourself these questions:  How many calls do each of my ads produce?   Which cities should I spend more advertising dollars in, which should I drop?   Smart800 may provide you the answers to these questions and much more.    Simply by replacing of your telephone number with your Smart800 service for just 30 days. You'll collect important demographic information you need to make sound marketing decisions.
With Smart800 your calls be shorter and to the point. And abusive callers are quickly eliminated.  All this adds up to reduced telephone expenses and more profits.
collects phone numbers (ANI's) of your callers. And for a small fee, we'll reverse match those numbers with addresses.  Now you'll have great new source for names and address for your mailings.

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