These reports are automatically created by the Voice Mail System after you record or update your message on your service.  After the message has been saved, the system resets various files that control the operation of your service.  Some of these control how often your Customers or Callers can call your service. 
What's important about these reports?  Mainly that you have received it.  When you receive one, it means the system has been properly reset and has readied your service to receive more calls.   The Date and Time on the report, would indicate when the reset was done. 
The last line of the report tells you what was reset.
There will be information added to these reports to make them more valuable in the future.

Passcode Reset Reports:

The Passcode file is file that controls who can access you subscriber service by using a PIN. There is one record for each of your customers.
Sample Report:

Time & Date of event : May 14 @ 07:42 (Pacific)
'Sports Service Name'    714-123-1234
Passcode File Reset Requested for 1234  AccountID: 1234
Total User Passcodes Reset: 71 out of 77 in the file.

The "Total User Passcodes Reset:" indicates this is passcode reset and there is 71active PINs that were reset.  The second number is the total entries in the file.  In the sample above, there are 71 active passcodes and 77 total, indicating 6 passcode have been deleted.

ANI Reset Report:

The ANI file controls and limits abusive Callers from calling too many times into your service.  Many times, these caller are  just trying to run up your phone bill.   Abusive Callers are blocked until the next update.
Sample Report:

Time & Date of event : May 14 @ 08:40 (Pacific)
Your Sports Service Name -
ANI Reset Requested for 1234  AccountID: 1234
Total ANI's: 200 of ANI's 379

This report indicates a new message was recorded at 8:40 and that 200 ANI's (Your Caller's telephone numbers) were reset by the system The 200 would indicate only 200 of 379 caller had called since the last update.  There is a total of  379 records (telephone numbers)  in your ANI file.

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Last Update : 08/15/2006