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Locator Services

This service offers a single 800 number that allows Callers to find a Local Comp-Line number base on the telephone number they are calling from.
This service utilizes "real-time" capture of the Callers telephone number by use of Automatic Number Identification (ANI) service provided by the "Long Distance" Company. ANI Capture is done before the call is answered thus allowing the computer system to identify the Callers location and lookup the number to refer them too before the call is even answered.
This ANI Capturing service can not be "blocked" by the callers by dialing any code as with Caller ID Blocking as provided by the Local Telephone Company.
The system call be programmed to "Block" or "Allow" preset location based on the Callers Area Codes and Prefix. This can assist you in controlling costs by not providing service to areas you do not want to do business in.
This service also allows you to play the "Comp" message to those area codes that are not directly covered by a local number.
Detailed information of every call is kept by the system, including Date, Time, Duration, and Callers telephone number. This can be retrieved anytime by the system owner for purposes such as "Reverse" telephone to Name and Address matching. Also there is an option in the Supervisor Menu where the Owner can "voice-out" the current months Call Counts and Duration.
The will also automatically block Callers that call excessively. This can be set to 1 or 2 calls per update. Callers that abuse the system can be permanently blocked from calling the system again.

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Last Update : 08/15/2006