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ANI List Matching Services
We can now "Reverse Match" your Callers telephone numbers (ANI's) to obtain their names and address if it's listed in one of the public telephone directories.  We call this service ListMatch.  The cost is  $49.50 per month and 7 cents per match.  Businesses and partial addresses can be discard to save expense.  There is no setup charge or minimum monthly commitment. You can used it with one of our other services such as Sports800.
ListMatch is available as an option to any of Sports Voice Services supplied 800/888 and most 714 numbers.  We can send the matched ANI's at regular intervals selected by you. This is done completely automatic.  

The names and address will arrive by email both contained inside the email and as a CSV file attachment. CSV file format is a common file format used by many programs such as Excel, for the importing of delimited records.

Got a List of numbers you'd like matched?
If you have a telephone numbers on disk or CD and it's been clean-up we can submit it the ListMatch system for matching. There is one setup charge of $99.00 and a per match fee on 7 cents each. Other formats can be done such as on paper, but the cost will need to quoted.
Let us know your needs! Please email
listmatch@icpage.com with any questions.

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Last Update : 08/15/2006