Updater User Instructions

1. Dial the telephone number 800-286-5919. You will hear "Please enter your ID number" - Dial your ID number: _________.
2. Next you will hear "Please enter your passcode...", Dial your assigned passcode __________ followed by the pound key.
3. Press [2] for RECORD
4. Press [1] for MESSAGE.
5. Enter your message after the tone.  Press the pound key [#] when you are finished or wish to stop recording.
Remember your maximum recording time is 3 minutes and you can not pause during your recording for more than 2 seconds. (This follows the American Voice Mail's parameters)
6. After you have finished your recording, you will hear the "Record Sub-Menu." This menu allows you to [1] PLAY your message, [2] RE-RECORD your message, [3] ADD to your message, and [4] SEND to send your message.
Always  [1] PLAY your message fully to find any problems that might have occurred during recording.   If the playback is satisfactory, your mailboxes should load properly. Use [1] PLAY and [2] RE-RECORD until you are satisfied with the message. Lastly, Press [4] to SEND.
6. The "SEND Sub-Menu" will ask you if you wish to send your message IMMEDIATELY or AT A LATER DATE AND TIME.   Press [1] to send it IMMEDIATELY.     Wait for confirmation message "Message Saved," then press [3] to EXIT.
7. If you wish to send your message into the future, Press [2] at step 6 above. Answer each prompt as requested. First you will be asked for the Month. Enter a two digit month such as "03" for March or 11 for November. To use the current month press the pound key [#]. Next enter the two digit day, as above, or pound key [#] for the current day. Enter the two digit hour in MILITARY TIME or pound key [#] for the current hour. REMEMBER: THE UPDATER COMPUTER IS IN THE PACIFIC TIME ZONE! Enter the two digit minute or pound key [#] for the current minute. You might have noticed if you had press the pound key [#] for the month, day, hour, and minute the message would have been sent as if you had press [1] from step 6.

VERIFY your message:
At the Main Menu there are two "hidden options".  The first is [6] VERIFY. The "Verify" option will allow you to hear how your message sound at the differvoice-out the area code and then play 5 seconds of the actual message sent to the voice mailboxes. This message was recorded after loading the mailbox and before "exiting" from the voice mail system.
Make a list of your voice mail telephone numbers, sorted by area code. As the area code and message is played, simply check off the area codes that you hear. You may "skip" to the next area code by pressing [#] if you already recognize the message the message is correct.
If you hear "There was no message recorded..." or an area code was skipped, that area code failed to load correctly.  Continue through your list until you are "returned" to the Main Menu.

RESEND Your Message:
At the Main Menu is a "hidden option" [4] RE-SEND. Re-Send allows you to send your message again to an area code that might have failed. The Re-Send Sub-Menu will ask if you wish to [1] RE-SEND to a selected area code or [2] to Re-Send TO ALL AREA CODES.
Press [1] to enter individual area codes. You will be prompted for each area code separately. Enter the 3 digit area code and wait for the "message saved" confirmation. Continue enter each area code until your list is completed. Enter [#] for the area code to return to the Main Menu. IMPORTANT! ALWAYS EXIT USING THE MENUS - DON'T JUST HANG-UP! Some features will not work unless you exit properly!
There is another feature that let you record there are  static "Pre", "City" and "Post" messages that can be added to the Main outgoing Message.  The sequence the messages are recorded (or plated to the voice mail during an update) is

In the Record Sub-Menu you will hear an option to record a City Greeting. This allows you to preamble your regular "comp" message with a custom message for each city. An example might be "Thanks for the call Chicago - Here's today's message... ".
Recording City Greeting is done just like recording your camp message as above, except the UpDater computer will ask you for an area code for the message. Simply record each area code's message by "looping" through the menu options. Your City Greetings only need to be recorded once, unless you want to change it. Otherwise, each time you update your camp line message, the city greeting will automatically be included in the "updates."

In the Record Sub-Menu you will hear an option to record a Preamble Greeting. This allows you to preambles your regular "comp" message with a custom message. The same message will be played to all your "comp-lines" which is different from City Greetings which is a different message for each area code.
An example might be "This message is brought to you by... ". Recording Prefix Greeting is done just like recording your camp message as described above. Simply record message through the menu option number [3] in the Record Sub-Menu. Your Prefix Greeting will only need to be recorded once, unless you want to change it. Otherwise, each time you update your comp line message, the Prefix Greeting will automatically be included in your "updates."

If you utilize both Prefix and City Greetings, the City Greeting is played first, then your Prefix Greeting, and finally the "Comp-Line" message. The total time for all 3 messages can not exceed American Voice Mail record time of 2 or 3 minutes. If either Prefix or City Greeting is not use or recorded, it will be "skipped" during the "update."

You should never have problems if you use a "Broadcast Quality," and slightly louder than a normal telephone voice.
We have found certain voices may unintentionally "false" the sound of a touch tone button being pressed. During recording or playback of your message, this will cause the voice mail system to stop recording or even hang up. We tried to program the UpDater Computer to stop these errors, but it's not 100%.
Low volume is another reason a load will fail. Speaking too low will "fool" the voice mail system into thinking you have disconnected. UpDater Computer will boost the playback volume to overcome most volume losses. But shouting your message will actually have the reverse effect and reduce your message playback volume.

UpDater Service Technical Help:

Sports Voice Servicess
Bart Fisher 714-670-8175
Voice Mail Service:
American Voice Mail @ 800-347-2861  

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Last Update : 08/15/2006