GUARANTEE Line - Supervisor Instructions

Welcome to GuaranteeLine offered by Sports Voice Services Communications.
is a service that provides you a way to restrict access to your recorded information by use a unique daily passcode. Only after a caller enters the correct passcode for the day are they allowed to use your service. GuaranteeLine also has the ability to play a customized greeting to your callers before and after hearing your protected message. All calls to your service are logged by the computer.
The unique feature of GuaranteeLine is that passcodes are automatically updated each time you record a new message. Simply provide your callers the telephone number and passcode for the day in your 900 message.

To get started using your service, you should record your "Entry" and "Exit" messages. The "Entry message is a short message played to callers after they enter the correct passcode. The "Exit" message is a short message played after the "guarantee" message.

Table "A" - Message Type - Message ID

Message Name:

Message Bin:

Entry Message


Exit Message


Guarantee Message


A Table "A" lists the Message ID Number associated with each type of message.
To "Log-on" into the system:

Your unique telephone number for both you and your Customers is: 714-676-       .
Your Account ID Number is the last four digits of your 714 number - NOT your 800 Number.
Call this number and wait for "Please enter your passcode..." prompt. Your passcode is             # . This is your secret passcode - Not for your customers! You are now at the Main Menu. Main Menu functions include:

    [1] - Record a message - To make recordings.
    [2] - Play a message - To play a message.
    [3] - Subscriber Functions - For managing your customers.
    [4] - Supervisor Functions - For special features.
    [#] - Exit the System - To hang up.

Here are detailed instructions for each menu choices:

[1] - Record a messages

All messages heard by caller are made from this menu. The steps to record your messages for your callers are listed below:
1. From the Main Menu - Press [1] to Record a message.
2. Enter a Message ID Number to record from the table "A".

3. If there is already a message recorded - the message number is voiced-out followed by the message. Press [1] to re-record it. You may press 1 during the message to start recording immediately.

4. Speak your message - Press [#] when you are finished.
5. If there are other messages to record, press [2] and next message number to record.
6. When the LAST message is recorded - Press [#] to exit to the Main Menu.

[2] - Play a message

This function allows you to play any message that has already been recorded by entering the Message ID number. Valid Message ID Numbers are listed in the table "A". Afterwards, you are returned to Main Menu.

[3] - Subscriber Functions:


4] Supervisor Functions:

[1] - To Change your passcode.
[2] - Call counts and duration.
[3] - Change you office telephone number.
[4] - Fax usage report to your fax machine (Detailed Log).
[#] - Exit to the Main Menu.

Most of these options are self explanatory. Here is brief explanation of each:

[1] Change your Passcode
- Allows you to change your passcode. This is the passcode you use to Log-in to the service. One reason you might change it is if someone leaves your organization or somebody "hacks" into your service. Passcodes can be up to 10 digits long making "hacking" difficult.

[2] - Call Counts and Duration
- will "voice-out" this information since last reset.
[3] - Change your Office Telephone number
- Allows you to change your office telephone number that's "voice-out" to your customers.

Initial Setup:

Record your Entry Message. This is the message that your callers will here when they first arrive to your service. Check the table "A" for the Message Number ID for Entry message. A sample Entry message might be: "Thanks for the call... Here's today's message."
Next record your "Exit" Message such as:
"Thanks for the call, Good Luck!"
Now record your Guarantee Line message bin.