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Guarantee Line Service
Guarantee Line designed for the "Pro Handicapper" to enhances and add credibility your service and company by allowing you "guarantee" your picks. You simply provide your 900 line caller with your Guarantee Line telephone number and passcode for the following day. Should you call it wrong, Guarantee Line will automatically provide your callers with your free pick after successfully entering the correct 4 digit passcode.
Your Guarantee Line Service includes:
  • Unique 714 area code telephone number - Calls made to this number are at your caller's own expense. However, a an optional 800 number can easily be attached to provide both "toll" and "toll free" access.
  • 4 digits Daily passcode for Extra Security. Your message only accessible to your callers on the day that matches the password
  • Full 2 minute Outgoing message.
  • Personalized "Entry Message" and "Exit Message". Yet another attempt to sell services to your customers.
  • Detailed log of each call, including invalid passcode attempts to your line. This log itemizes the date and time of call, duration of the current call, total calls to date, total duration to date, total calls and total duration for your account
  • Supervisor Functions that allow full management from any touch tone telephone. Current functions includes recording & playback of your message, hearing a brief call count and duration for your account or fax a complete detailed log of activities for your account to any fax machine of your choice.
  • Low Cost - Your service cost only $99 per month and allows for 750 calls per month. Setup cost is $248.00 which includes first, last month and a $50.00 connect charge. Calls over 1200 are invoiced at .06 per call.

For more information or to get your service started, just give us a call at 714-228-5400 Ext 201. You'll find us ready to help.


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Last Update : 08/15/2006