The Fax Reports Has Been Remove.  Now all reports are send by email

This email is to inform you of changes that effect the Users of the "Customer Line", "Guarantee Line" or "800 Comp Line" services offered by Sports Voice Servicess.
As most of you know, there has been the ability to fax various reports regarding you service to yourself. This option is located in the "Supervisor Functions" off the Main Menu. When the equipment was relocated to Los Angeles, the fax option stopped working properly.
The "Fax Option" has now been replaced with an "Email Option". It's now ready for you to use, providing we have your email address. The voice prompt still says "fax" but it means "email" now. The prompt will be replaced.
The Call Detail Report shows all calls made to your service from the first day of the month to the current day or last day of the month. It will display the Date, Time, Duration, The System and Port the call arrived on, the telephone number on the caller, what buttons that were pressed during the call and if the call was rejected. Also, the passcode that was used for Customer Line Users. You can select any one day or the entire month when you make the request. This only reports for the current month, but hopefully we'll add the ability to report on any day or month in the future.
The Passcode Report allows you see your passcode file as it is the system. It also shows the last time the passcode was used, which buttons assigned, Expiration Date or current call and the telephone number of the user.
Customer Line Users can email their "Passcode" file and Call Detail Report.
Guarantee Line User, 714/800 Comp Line Users can send their Call Detail Report only.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me in the office.

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Last Update : 08/15/2006