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Customer Line Services

We call it Customer Line.  Customer Line was specifically designed for the Sports Service to offer a unique debit card style access to your services.   It can be used as an alternative to costly 900 services to reduce costs, eliminate those dreaded "charge backs" and solves "900 Blocking" problem.

Customer Line
"hacker proof" programming assures only paid Subscribers will hear your message.  One single Customer Line number can support up to 8 prepaid services. Your Subscribers are granted access to your service by use of a unique PIN up to 10 digits long.  Each PIN has its own expiration date or you can sell your service based on a quantity calls up to 99.  There's more, Customer Line only allows 1 or 2 calls to your service per update and reminds your Subscribers to call your office as they near expiration.

Here's what your service includes:
  • A private 714 area code telephone number to access your service.  
  • Optional 800 number can be add both "toll" and "toll free" service.
  • Each Subscriber has their own PIN up to 10 digits long.
  • The system will not allow sharing of PIN numbers.
  • Automatically limits service by expiration date or quantity of calls.
  • Full subscriber management using any touch tone phone or web site.
  • One number can support 8 services and limits access to purchased services only.
  • Add, change or delete subscribers without effecting the others.
  • Limits access per update to 1 call to keep your Subscribers honest!
  • Menu selections can only be played 2 times to reduce 800 costs.
  • Detailed reports and logs can be ordered anytime.
  • Subscribers are reminded of expiration at 5 days or 5 calls left.
  • Announces date and time of last update adjusted by your time zone.
  • Can take messages from your subscribers for later retrieval.
  • Toll Saver - Alerts caller if there is no updates by playing a "ring tone" before answering.
  • Custom Pre and Post message bins for special messages and reminders.
  • Custom Reject Message, if Caller has called too many times.
Low Cost - Your service cost only $99 per month and includes 30 PINS. Additional PINS can be purchased at $3.00 each per calendar month.  Setup cost is $248.00 which includes first, last month and a $50.00 connect charge.

Customer Line
has all the "bells and whistles" to meet your needs. But should you find something missing, we'll quickly add it to your specifications. Customer Line is just that flexible!

We hate busy signals too! That's why we design
Customer Line to handle over 2000 calls per hour and you can be assured we will never "oversell" these lines.  Maximizing system resources while minimizing "busy signals" is our goal and level of service you can expect.

Call now to reserve your service for the upcoming season. You'll find us ready to help.
For more information or to get your service started, just give us a call at 714-228-5400 Ext 201. You'll find us ready to help.

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Last Update : 08/15/2006